• Lisa

Custom Branded Cards for Megan Helm Photography

September is a fantastic time to re-start, re-fresh and re-focus on your beloved small business. Custom branded handmade cards are a great way to tell your brands story and showcase what you're all about to new, and even past and current, clients.

I've recently completed an order for Megan Helm Photography, who is based out of California. Her and I are part of the same online networking group, so when she contacted me about custom branded client cards, I was thrilled!

Working on custom orders is one of my favourite things about being in this business and to date I have worked with Wedding Planners, Realtors, and Photographers. Plus, I do custom order birthday and all occasions cards as well, as well as invitations and paper gifts/packaging.

There is just someone about handmade cards as they can often offer more than the traditionally printed cards. Handmade cards are unique, personal, and can be custom made to suite your needs.

Megan's goal with her photography is to create images that are authentic; both in emotion and colour. Her images are meant to genuinely reflect life without heavy editing and unnatural colours (a style of photography that I personally love). Her style is very romantic and timeless in nature, so this is something I wanted to incorporate into the design of her cards.

Included in Megan's order was both a welcome card for her new clients, as well as thank you cards. Both offer a natural romantic vibe and is something that is likely to be kept as a keepsake or displayed on someone's mantle. Not to mention something that is likely to be very much appreciated by her clients.

It's the personal touches in our business that can make the biggest impact. We all lead busy lives these days and it's easy to send a quick email, but I firmly believe in the power of snail mail and the happiness a handmade card and personal note can bring. It's thoughtful, personal, and really let's the recipient(s) know that you appreciate them.

Who wouldn't want that with their business?

I would love to work with you and create some branded cards for your business (or personal needs). If you would like to explore your options, please get in touch!

Thanks for joining me today and I hope to hear from you soon!

Check out my card making classes here - https://www.sweetpaperstudios.com/classes