Stampin’ Up!® is much more than stamps, ink, and paper: We’re a worldwide community dedicated to building meaningful relationships, inspiring creativity and confidence, and making a difference in people’s lives!

If this interests you, scroll down to learn more about what it means to “join” Stampin’ Up!

Benefits of Joining Stampin' Up!

Build Your Own Business
Stampin' Up! allows you to build your own business just the way you want. You can host workshops, classes, craft fairs, or simply sell your cards. It is up to you!

Enjoy the Discount
When you join Stampin' Up!, you automatically receive a 20% discount on your own personal orders. Whether you are building a business or just simply joining for the discount, we welcome and support all Demonstrators.

Training and Resources
Stampin' Up! has an exclusive Stampin' University full of resources, guides, images, and downloadables that is available to all Demonstrators 24/7. There is a section speicifcally for new demonstrators as well! Plus, you'll find plently of training available through our team page, events, and more.

This is my favourite part about being a Demonstrator. Throughout my time as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator I have been able to meet some incredible people and build lasting friendships. We're a community that loves to craft, encourage, and inspire one another. We really are one big Stampin' Up! family.

The Starter Kit
You can customize the starter kit to suit your own needs. Whether it be items on your wish list or supplies for your first class, or even a combination of both, the starter kit is fully customizable and can include any product from any active catalogue. Plus, you also get some items for FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions
You likely have several questions about becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. I have some of these Q&A's below. Click HERE to view.

We Welcome You!

No matter your reason for joining Stampin' Up!, we welcome you. Whether you just want the discount or whether you want to earn some extra cash, I am here to support you no matter what.

Join During the Month of September!

What You Get When Joining

About the Starter Kit:

The Kit is the best deal in the catalogue! It's as easy as purchasing the Stampin' Up! Starter Kit through me. Then, you'll automatically become part of the Sweet Paper Crafter's Team!

Let's Sweetin' the Deal:

For $135 (plus tax), you get:

  • To select $165 of product of your choice from any active catalogue.

  • You're kit also comes jam-packed full of business items such a order forms, business envelopes, and more.

  • In addition to the above kit, from September 1 - 31, you will also receive enough cardstock pieces to make 16 cards, a pack of Rhinestone Basic Jewels, the So Much Love Stamp Set, and the Queen Anne’s Lace Stamp Set!

What The Team Is Saying

I would be thrilled to have you join the Sweet Paper Crafter's Team! Here is what some of them are saying!

Being a part of Lisa's team has been amazing! She is an amazing person inside and out. She is always there when you have a question or need advice. If you need a one-on-one meeting with her she is always willing to do that as well. Lisa also breaks things down, so if you are having trouble understanding something she is able to help. She is also very encouraging and very honest. There is no team I'd rather be on.

- Jenn

I started out by going to some of Lisa's classes, then joined her at her upline's all day fall stamp-a-rama event. After that I was hooked. I joined her team, firstly for the discount, but now am loving the information and support, so I am heading towards hosting classes and workshops.
Lisa is awesome to have as an upline, and is always willing to give as much help as possible while still allotting for freedom and creativity to rein.

- Elicia

I just wanted to tell you how I met Lisa Hardie. I attended one of Lisa's catalogue launches. My sister had just passed away and I was feeling pretty sad. Going to Lisa's home made me feel comfortable and meeting Lisa for the first time made me feel like I was taking a step back into the real world again. She was very kind to me and made sure I was part of the group activities. After that first positive experience in Lisa's class (and not being in an emotional state) I realized how organized and fun her classes are. The cards she offers in the classes are cards that you can give to people with pride. Now being part of Lisa's team she has given me the confidence I needed to hold my own classes & spread the happiness that comes with this business.
Thank you Lisa for your friendship & leadership.

- Debbie


Frequently Asked Questions

Можно пробник?

Каждый день мы выкладываем бесплатные прогнозы на сайт, в инстаграм и телеграм канал.

Можно на послеоплату?

У нас нет послеоплаты.

Можно скидку, как новичку?

При регистрации на parimatch.com через ссылки с нашего сайта - предоставляется скидка новичкам. Постоянникам же, скидка предоставляется всегда.

В случае непрохода - даете замену?

Да, но только одну. Если не пройдут оба прогноза, придётся покупать разовый заново. Поэтому если вы хотите играть вдолгую - берите подписку, так выгоднее.

Зачем продавать прогнозы, если можно просто поднимать на ставках?

Всё очень просто - денег много не бывает. Мы ищем различные способы монетизации нашей аналитики.

Прогнозы каждый день?

Да, каждый. Один прогноз, соответствующий своему коэффициенту. Всего 3 (по выходным делается 4ый, кф 20+)

Фотошопите отчёты?

Нет, не фотошопим. Если бы мы фотошопили отчёты, наша статистика была бы куда лучше.

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