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Hello and welcome to Sweet Paper Studios.

My name is Lisa and welcome to my sweet little corner of the Internet. Established in 2016, Sweet Paper Studios was originally born from the desire to bring happiness to people's lives through handmade cards. I just love making (and receiving!) cards and the joy that it brings when they arrive in the mail. I firmly believe in the power of Snail Mail and bringing back the meaningful connections receiving cards can create.

My Stampin' Up! journey began in October 2015. After attending a couple of events, I instantly fell in love. It just seemed like a natural fit and I am so glad that I joined. I've met some amazing people on this journey and just love to share the products I use to make my handmade cards and paper crafts.

Most of all, I just LOVE to create and share what I love! Teaching others how they can be creative is a passion of mine, even when they think they aren't! Everyone can create, sometimes you just need a little nudge. ;)


I am truly thankful to share my journey and creations with you.

Proudly located in Hamilton, ON.

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